Whether you're  an entrepreneur in full bootstrap mode at the start-up phase of your business or experiencing growing pains well into your 5th year,  this MASTERCLASS is for YOU. I'ts time to Master Your Market and take your business to the next level of authenticity and profitability by uncovering the values that captures the hearts and attention of your best clients...those who you're honored to serve and that pays you the BIG BUCKS!


Birth of a Brand is for ENTREPRENEURS of all industries. 


Whether you're a online service provider or local retailer, a landscaper or e-commerce seller, neighborhood baker or author, this masterclass will walk you through building an impactful brand to dominate your market and create consistent sales


We're going deeper than just the visual aspects of your brand. This Masterclass will strategically position you in the market place and connect with your target audience by showing you those unique experiences and emotions that speak directly to the heart and soul of your ideal client. 

  • Strategically defining who you are  

  • Identifying who you serve and how to serve them best

  • Attracting, nurturing, and converting your dream clients 

  • Structuring your business model for maximum impact and income

  • Thorough templates to guide you through the teachings, so you can duplicate success time and time again.

  • Action steps that you can implement immediately to place you in front of your core audience and establish your brand as an authority in the marketplace.

Birth of a Brand is a LIVE MASTERCLASS that will guide you through:


Trust me...I GET IT!  As an entrepreneur, seeing all those "gurus" and "experts" all day on the internet making tens of thousands of dollars leaves you  wondering, "what's the real secret to making all this money?"

The answer: There is no secret, only strategy. And to carry out that strategy, you need a proven system that guides you through the  process of obtaining your desired result every single time.   

This 4 step framework, will allow you to attract those ideal clients that sustains your business while you spend  more time to focusing on generating revenue to continue to grow, invest in, and scale your business

Hey There, I am Erica T. D. Singleton - Brand and Marketing Strategist, and I'm here to help you Bring Your Substance to Your Surface.

BIRTH OF A BRAND is my new framework that helps you design, plan, and profit from the impact your business has in the everyday lives of your ideal consumer and how to create that influence over and over again. It will challenge you to perform at your highest level and I'm excited to have you be apart my beta program...AND I'm offering this life changing course for  to commemorate your NEW BEGINNING in the New Year!  And that's not all... I know LIFE HAPPENS and sometimes, our time must be allocated to other life events, and because of that, I'm giving you access to the entire  Virtual course all 2019! Time's up for procrastination.

Click the link below to reserve your seat NOW!

lightX (1).PNG

 At the end of this Masterclass, you'll have a Powerful, Authentic

Brand Message, Voice, and Vision that resins with the

lives of your core audience and makes it crystal clear why

you're the Authority in your industry.  

Birth of a Brand will equip you with:

  • A clear, communicable brand message that defines the core of your business.

  • Proven industry methods to attract the clients you desire to serve. 

  • Effective branding templates to plug and play your brand identity​.

  • Proven systems to help you get more done in less time.

  • Strategies to leverage your unique strengths and increase your sales and profits.

  • Specific data points that matter and how to use them in your brand strategy.

  • A support network of like minded professionals taking massive action just like you.

Your brand message will allow you to do less and make more,

while providing real transformation to your clients. 

NOW is the Time to Invest in your Legacy...REGISTER TODAY


Erica T. D. Singleton

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